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When picture day doesn’t go as planned

You’ve been there. The students are dressed up for their school photos, and the teachers think everything’s set for picture day—but then things start going wrong. Forms are missing—did they fall through the cracks or were they never handed in? Or perhaps there’s confusion due to your photography provider being disorganized. Worse yet, the onsite photographer isn’t good with kids. There’s no doubt many parents will be unhappy with the photos—and picture day turns out to be a disaster.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Schoolhouse Pictures has a fresh, modern approach to school photography, and we make school picture day easy.


We have dedicated planning reps who manage all the details using a paperless system.

Lost pictures
Our technology ensures pictures are saved safely and accurately.

Non-kid friendly photographers
Our photographers are highly experienced in K–12 and family lifestyle photography.

Poor picture quality
We use modern, natural backgrounds and creative settings for colorful, memorable photos that are tied to education.

Inconsistent timing
We ensure speed and consistency every time, with photos reviewed, edited and completed within 3 weeks.

ID Card delays
ID cards are ready along with the student photos—no need to wait months with stretching timelines.

If you’re ready for a turnkey, paperless process that saves time and money for your school, and gives parents pictures they will cherish, contact Schoolhouse Pictures today. Our dedicated planning reps and support teams handle all the details—both before and after the photoshoot.