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We all need to prioritize health and safety. This is the new normal of today’s educational system.
Schoolhouse Pictures was built with exactly this in mind.

As schools explore reopening their doors when best suited to their communities, they must factor health standards into every decision. School picture days are no exception.

If you represent a school, let us provide a safe picture day formatted for today’s evolving environment.

  • Outdoor pictures are safer: Being outdoors is scientifically proven to limit germ exposure. Our outdoor photoshoots allow for more distance between students and photographers, while fresh air limits the risks in cramped spaces. Click here to see a sample of pictures.
  • No handling of forms or money: Our paperless process means that students and teachers will not handle money or forms. Not only does this save you time and effort, it also limits the amount of surfaces on which germs live.
  • Direct shipment to parents: All deliverables will be shipped directly to parents’ homes, meaning that your school does not handle or distribute print envelopes. Again, this makes our process both efficient and safer for germ exposure.
  • No contact policy: Our photographers are carefully trained to take pictures without the need to physically contact students, staff, or volunteers.
  • No external setups: Our team will use furniture and settings from your school versus bringing in setups that have been used in other locations. This eradicates the risk of cross-contamination between schools.
We understand that no two schools are the same, and schools will implement changes to protect the health and well-being of their communities differently.

As an organization that has been innovating school picture days for over ten years, we’re ready to help you deliver a school picture day that meets the sensitivities of this season.

The photographers are all very professional, yet very good at establishing a trusting relationship with the children they photograph. We love the relaxed, natural style, and the end results are always beautiful. Administratively, they always reply promptly and ensure that we are very happy. The direct ordering saves the parents' time, saves my time, and saves paper & waste. I recommend them highly.

Phebe Anna Thorne SchoolPA

This is the first year our school used Schoolhouse Pictures and I was thrilled. I love the reduced waste, the quality of the shots, and the ability to pick out exactly what I wanted. Hands-down the best school pics I have ever encountered.

Kristine BowardSchool Administrator

It went Great!! Just came from an Admin., meeting and the feed-back from Picture Day was Remarkable!!! Everyone enjoyed the Photographers and would love to have them back! Thank you!

Friends SchoolNJ

Last summer we found it necessary to quickly organize photographs for all of our staff and faculty. With very little notice, Schoolhouse Pictures worked with us to quickly schedule the photographs within our time frame, and they did a beautiful job! Just about everyone commented on how professional the photographer was, and how much time she spent with each of them. The results truly exceeded our expectations!

Lynn RoddenSchool Administrator

Forwarding emails is much easier than the administrative work that other picture companies require—you've done all the work for us!

Friends SchoolPennsylvania