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Schoolhouse Pictures presents a modern approach to the time-honored tradition of school pictures.

WE’RE DIFFERENT! Portraits against real school backgrounds (such as lockers, brick walls, doors, signs). Use of natural light, REAL professional photographers, and multi-pose albums sets us apart from the traditional styles.

SCHOOLS DO LESS, BUT RECEIVE MORE! There is no need to hand out order forms, collect money, distribute prints, or return unwanted prints. You can spend more time with the children – not handling paperwork!

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! We only print photos purchased. Digital downloads received immediately. Learn More!

"Forwarding emails is much easier than the administrative work that other picture companies require -- you've done all the work for us!"

Friends School Haverford, PA

"I loved how the pictures are like a mini photo shoot, rather than the typical school head and shoulders shot on a blue background."

Parent, Pennington NJ

"These pictures are so much better than the usual sterile images you are forced into buying so that your child doesn't feel left out - these are ones that you want to frame and keep!"

Parent, Haverford PA

"Doing this online is brilliant and you will be getting lots of grandparent interest/business as well."

Parent, Haverford PA

"I love your style. To my mind, it is definitely contemporary and "young". Your modern look is better for this school."

French American School of Princeton, NJ

"Pictures were awesome! I want to thank you and your photographer for doing such a wonderful job with scheduling, following through, and being flexible with these sessions! Our parents love these photos and its nice to be able to offer them biannually - that's a testament to the great communication and services you provide."

Bright Horizons child care center, NYC

Serving child care centers and K-12 schools across the nation.
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